local housing market

August 2020 Local Housing Market Update

Austin-area local housing market remains undeterred amid ongoing pandemic AUSTIN, Texas—As...
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Legacy Communities

Legacy Communities has 600 homes underway across metro

Austin-based Legacy Communities has 12 private undertakings in its improvement pipeline as it...
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Rezoning denied for huge Domain-like project in suburbs

One of the biggest blended use regions proposed project in the Austin metro is remaining in a...
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5 Tips: How to Build a House on Your Own Land

In this video, we're going to discuss the Top 5 things you want to take into consideration to...
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Land Loan

Veteran Land Board Land Loan – Explained!

In this video, we're going to hit on the Veteran Land Board Land Loan. How to use it, what to...
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housing market

July Local Housing Market Update

The housing market continues to bounce back; real estate is vital to early economic...
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property tax

Disabled Veterans Property Taxes Exemption Explained

.embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden;...
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Should you utilize your 401(k) cash to purchase a house?

401(k) cash for homebuying utilization. With contract rates floating around notable lows,...
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More Homes Rising – Northside of Leander, Texas

More single-family homes could before long ascent in Leander. Leander City Council cast a...
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Mortgage refinancing will get more costly with added agency fee

In an unexpected move, contract monsters Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac state they'll start...
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Tesla Now Hiring! – Austin Texas

Tesla Inc. formally declared it was bringing its next vehicle get together plant to Austin...
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home loan rates

LOWER Home Loan Rates reached this week

Normal U.S. mortgage rates for a 30-year fixed home loan tumbled to an unequaled low of 2.88%...
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New US Mortgage rate: Passing the 3% Threshold again

The normal U.S. mortgage rate for a 30-year fixed home loan tumbled to 2.99% this week, the...
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tesla effect

The Tesla effect: Impact on Austin housing prices

Tesla effect: Impact on Austin housing prices The day after Apple Inc. reported in December...
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Key Players In The Game of Real Estate

Here is a quick video breaking down the key players in the game of real estate! As thing slowly start coming together throughout your home buying journey,
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Ready front Real Estate Austin

Southeast Austin community set to build hundreds of new homes near potential Tesla site

Easton Park is the sixth biggest selling community in the Austin area based on annual new home starts through the first quarter of 2020
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real estate agent

With record-low mortgage rates, originators and real estate agents aren’t taking a holiday anytime soon

Real estate agents' last thing in mind is taking a holiday! There is nothing typical about...
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