(Video) Austin Housing Market | New Home Price Increase $25,000 Overnight | Raoul Rowe


What’s going on guys?

This is Raoul here and today I want to share a quick story about what one of my clients
went through as she was trying to purchase new construction in South Austin.

As you all may know, every other day a tech company is coming to Austin.

And the flip-side of that, the housing market is going crazy.

Well, this experience right here that my client went through is something that everybody
should, you know, kind of know that it could happen to you guys if you wait too long.

My client was approved for about $350,000.

She wanted new construction in South Austin.


So that means that we had to shoot for below $350,000 just to have some room for upgrades.

Once you found a house at a price point, I immediately set up an appointment with the

And this particular builder was called Milestone in the community of Vista of Austin.

The reason why this was so significant is that every other builder in this area had a
waiting list and this consisted of 10 to 15 lights being dropped down to each builder each

month. So if you don’t just wait unless your name was called, not only are they going to
tell you that you have a lot available, they’re going to tell the floor plan, the upgrades

and everything that was going into their home use, either going to take it or leave it.

That’s how the other builders were operating during this time.

And with the Milestones that she chose, they were still kind of, you know, operating, you
know, business as usual.

You go in, you sit down, you have an appointment, you pick out your upgrades, they start
the building process four to five months before you move-in into your home.

I know it was the to this because literally 24 hours before our appointment, I get a
text message from the salesperson saying that, hey, these are our new best prices.

Come to find out the floor plan that she wanted jumped $25,000 overnight.

Now, obviously, that took her out of this price point because she was so close to her max
budget, it was no sense to even trying to negotiate anything.

Literally. I talked to her and I’m saying, hey, you know, go talk to your upper echelon
and see if we can you guys can honor that original price that you told my client, you

know, because it was, you know, 24 hours.

Come on. She ends up telling me some buyers had an appointment an hour after the price bump
and the manager still would not honor that original price that she was scheduled in to sign for.

Now, the moral of this story is if you plan on moving to Austin and, you know, any time in
the near future, you want to keep this in mind.

This happened to her as far as like when it comes to the Milestone, the builder, jumping
$25,000 overnight, but it literally can happen anywhere, whether it’s resale or it could be

a new construction. So with that being said, make sure that when you are ready to go out
here and face this Austin market, that you have a plan, strategy and you’re ready to move

forward as soon as you’ve seen a house that you like.

So if you have any questions, feel free to comment below, like subscribe and you can
always reach me at info@readyfrontrealestate.com And ’till next time, guys.


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