Top 10  Best Cities for Veterans in Texas

Lone Star Landing: Uncovering the 10 Best Texas Cities for Veterans

From bustling job markets to family-friendly neighborhoods and supportive veteran resources, Texas boasts a diverse array of cities ideal for those transitioning from military service. Whether you crave urban excitement, coastal serenity, or something in between, this comprehensive guide dives into the 10 top Texas cities for veterans, analyzing their strengths, challenges, and unique offerings to help you find the perfect place to call home.



  • Job Opportunities: Booming economy with diverse industries like energy, healthcare, and aerospace, aligning with various MOS.
  • Family Life: Top public and private schools, vibrant cultural scene, family-friendly neighborhoods with parks and activities.
  • Veteran Resources: Numerous VA facilities, strong veteran community organizations, support programs for housing and education.


  • Cost of Living: Can be high compared to other Texas cities, particularly housing.
  • Traffic: Notorious congestion, especially during peak hours.
  • Weather: Humid and prone to hurricanes.

Recommendation: Strong contender for veterans with career flexibility and adaptable families.

San Antonio:


  • Military Presence: Home to multiple military bases, offering job opportunities and a built-in veteran community.
  • Affordability: Lower cost of living compared to other major Texas cities.
  • Culture and History: Rich Alamo history, diverse attractions, thriving arts scene.


  • Job Market: Primarily military-focused, leading to limited options in some fields.
  • Schools: Public schools vary in quality, strong private school options available.
  • Traffic: Increasing congestion, especially near military bases.

Recommendation: Ideal for veterans comfortable with military culture and seeking affordability, but job options may be limited.



  • Economic Powerhouse: Thriving job market in finance, technology, and healthcare, matching numerous MOS.
  • Urban Amenities: World-class museums, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  • Diverse Communities: Numerous neighborhoods with distinct personalities.


  • Cost of Living: Rising rapidly, particularly housing.
  • Commute Times: Large city sprawl can lead to long commutes.
  • Limited Outdoor Activities: Fewer parks and green spaces compared to some Texas cities.

Recommendation: Excellent choice for career-driven veterans with adaptable families, but be prepared for high expenses and urban living.



  • Tech Hub: Booming tech industry with high job demand for specialized skills.
  • Live Music Scene: Vibrant culture, outdoor activities, young and energetic atmosphere.
  • High Quality of Life: Excellent public schools, parks, and family-friendly communities.


  • Housing Market: Competitive and expensive, especially desirable neighborhoods.
  • Traffic: Increasing congestion, particularly downtown.
  • Limited Veteran Resources: Compared to larger military cities, support services may be less centralized.

Recommendation: Suitable for tech-savvy veterans and young families, but expect a competitive housing market and urban lifestyle.

Fort Worth:


  • Strong Job Market: Diversified economy with opportunities in energy, healthcare, and manufacturing, aligning with various MOS.
  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Tight-knit communities, excellent public schools, ample parks and recreational areas.
  • Historic Charm: Rich Western heritage, vibrant cultural scene, and proximity to nature.


  • Commute Times: Growing city with increasing traffic congestion, especially during rush hour.
  • Limited Public Transportation: Reliant on cars for most travel within the city.
  • Weather: Extreme temperatures, hot summers and occasional tornadoes.

Recommendation: Great option for veterans seeking family-friendly communities, job opportunities, and a slower pace compared to bigger cities.

El Paso:


  • Affordability: Low cost of living compared to most Texas cities, making housing and expenses manageable.
  • Outdoor Activities: Stunning desert landscapes, hiking trails, and national parks for adventure enthusiasts.
  • Strong Veteran Presence: Home to Fort Bliss, offering job opportunities and a supportive veteran community.


  • Job Market: Limited options outside of military and logistics industries.
  • Limited Diversity: Primarily Hispanic population, may feel less diverse than other Texas cities.
  • Hot and Dry Climate: Arid environment with scorching summers and limited rainfall.

Recommendation: Ideal for veterans seeking an affordable, outdoor-oriented lifestyle with a strong military presence, but job opportunities may be limited.



  • Sports Capital: Home to major sports teams, entertainment venues, and family-friendly attractions.
  • Growing Job Market: Expanding job opportunities in healthcare, logistics, and technology.
  • Affordable Housing: Lower cost of living compared to Dallas and Austin, ideal for families.


  • Suburban Sprawl: Limited walkability and reliance on cars.
  • Limited Cultural Scene: Fewer museums and arts compared to larger cities.
  • Hot and Humid Climate: Similar to Houston, with high temperatures and humidity levels.

Recommendation: Perfect for sports fans and families seeking affordability and proximity to Dallas, but expect a suburban lifestyle with fewer cultural offerings.

Corpus Christi:


  • Coastal Location: Beautiful beaches, water sports activities, and relaxed coastal atmosphere.
  • Lower Cost of Living: Affordable housing and overall expenses compared to other Texas cities.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: Aquarium, museums, children’s activities, and outdoor parks.


  • Limited Job Market: Primarily focused on tourism, healthcare, and oil and gas, leading to fewer options in some fields.
  • School System: Public schools vary in quality, strong private school options available.
  • Hurricanes: Prone to occasional hurricanes and tropical storms.

Recommendation: Great choice for veterans seeking a laid-back coastal lifestyle with affordability, but be prepared for limited job options and potential hurricane threats.



  • Top-Rated Schools: Excellent public and private schools, ideal for families seeking quality education.
  • Safe and Affluent: Low crime rates, family-friendly neighborhoods, and high quality of life.
  • Job Opportunities: Growing tech hub with numerous companies offering jobs aligned with various MOS.


  • High Cost of Living: One of the most expensive cities in Texas, particularly housing.
  • Limited Cultural Scene: Primarily known for suburban amenities, fewer museums and arts compared to larger cities.
  • Commute Times: Traffic congestion during peak hours, especially as Plano is a bedroom community for Dallas.

Recommendation: A top choice for families prioritizing education and a secure environment, but prepare for high living expenses and potential commute times.



  • Affordable: Low cost of living across all aspects, making it budget-friendly for veterans.
  • College Town: Vibrant atmosphere with Texas Tech University, offering cultural events and entertainment.
  • Outdoor Activities: Hiking trails, lakes, and opportunities for hunting and fishing.


  • Limited Job Market: Primarily agriculture and education-based, offering fewer options in some fields.
  • Winters: Can be cold and snowy compared to other parts of Texas.
  • Limited Cultural Scene: Compared to larger cities, fewer museums, restaurants, and nightlife options.

Recommendation: A good choice for budget-conscious veterans seeking a slower pace and outdoor activities, but be prepared for colder winters and limited job opportunities.


Each city offers a variety of public and private school options. I can provide detailed information on specific schools upon receiving your preferences regarding location, grade levels, and desired educational focus.

Texas Veteran Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide

Texas proudly supports its veterans with a wide range of benefits and programs designed to ease their transition into civilian life and ensure they receive the recognition and support they deserve. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what’s available:

Financial Assistance:

  • Property Tax Exemptions: 100% exemption for disabled veterans and their surviving spouses on their primary residence. Partial exemptions available for veterans with lower disability ratings.
  • Sales Tax Exemptions: Disabled veterans can exempt certain purchases from sales tax, including groceries, medications, and prosthetic devices.
  • Vehicle Registration Fee Reductions: Disabled veterans with qualifying disabilities can receive reduced fees for vehicle registration.
  • Free Driver’s License: Veterans with at least 60% service-connected disability receive a free driver’s license or ID card.
  • Veteran Entrepreneur Program: Provides grants and assistance to veterans starting their own businesses.

Education and Training:

  • Hazlewood Act: Eligible veterans receive up to 150 credit hours of tuition exemption at public Texas colleges and universities.
  • Legacy Act: Children and spouses of eligible veterans qualify for tuition exemption at public Texas colleges and universities.
  • Texas Veterans Land Board Loan Programs: Offers affordable financing for veterans purchasing homes, farmland, or ranches.
  • Military Time Credit Towards State Retirement: Veterans can receive credit for their military service towards state retirement programs.

Healthcare and Support:

  • Texas State Veterans Homes: Affordable, long-term nursing care facilities for veterans and their spouses.
  • Veteran Service Officers: Trained professionals who assist veterans in accessing federal and state benefits.
  • Veteran Outreach Programs: Provide resources and support for veterans facing homelessness, job search difficulties, or mental health challenges.
  • Disabled Veterans Hunting & Fishing License: Discounted hunting and fishing licenses for disabled veterans.
  • Active Duty Hunting & Fishing License: Active duty military personnel can obtain discounted hunting and fishing licenses.
  • Disabled Veterans State Park Pass: Free entrance to all Texas state parks for disabled veterans.

Additional Resources:

  • Texas Veterans Commission: The official state agency responsible for veterans’ affairs in Texas. Provides comprehensive information and assistance on all veteran benefits and programs. Website:
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: The federal agency responsible for administering benefits and services to veterans nationwide. Website:
  • Military OneSource: A 24/7 information and referral service for active duty service members, veterans, and their families. Website:

Remember: Eligibility for specific benefits may vary depending on factors like disability rating, discharge status, and length of service. It’s crucial to contact the relevant agencies or veteran service organizations to determine your eligibility and access the benefits you deserve.

Texas takes great pride in its veterans and is committed to ensuring their well-being. By utilizing the resources and benefits available, you can navigate your transition into civilian life with confidence and receive the support you’ve earned.

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