In this video, we’re going to hit on the Veteran Land Board Land Loan. How to use it, what to look for, and what exactly is going on when it comes to those Foreclosed Land that’s only available to Veterans.

The VLB has Three Types of Loans: Land loan, Home loan, and Home improvement loan, in which you as a veteran can have all three of them out at once if your qualifications and financial situations allow it.

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Now at the time of this video, we’re looking at the interest rate of about 7.25%. In order to well I say what makes the Veteran Land Board special, you only need 5% down up to $150,000 a loan and the land has to be at least one acre.

If you go here on their website you can see a couple more requirements in order for this land to meet the standards to get the loan but those are the big ones right there that you can just keep in the back of your mind.

Now, do you have to use your VA loan to qualify for the Veteran Land Board Land Loan?

The answer is NO. This land loan is originated with the Veteran Land Board. If it’s a home loan, you’ll have to find a participating lender and qualify for the VA loan itself along with the requirements to be eligible to use your Veteran Land Board by being in Texas for one day.

All that good stuff what makes this different from any other type of loan as far as when it comes to the land.

I was just getting some research the other day where somebody wanted a land loan not necessarily going to buy build a custom homeowner per se but right off the bat it was at least 20 to 25 percent down a minimum of $150,000 and in a minimum of 24 months they had to build a house on that land. 

Those stipulations don’t necessarily apply with the Veteran Land Board although like I said earlier they do come with some but it’s nothing like that and the main difference is the down payment 5% versus 25% and the fact that you can get this land loan on a 30-year term can help free up a lot of capital that you can use to build that custom home on down the line. 

I hope this helped if you have any more questions feel free to email me at and I look forward to the next video. Thanks

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