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The #1 complaint for new agents is their lack of support from their Broker. Which is one of the main reasons we PRIORITIZED it!


We only focus on what really bring results! Gone are the days of spending $1,000s a month on useless technology.


Ready to grow your business? We have in-house knowledge on all the prominent marketing platforms; Google, Facebook all the way to Youtube video ads! If you clicked, it worked!


The moment you sign up, the machine gets to work on your FREE INCENTIVE PACKAGE. Business cards, yard signs, pens, email, and more will be generated for you to hit the ground running while looking PROFESSIONAL!

Commission Split
You worked for it, you deserve to keep it!

Our focus is on the successfulness of our agents. That being said, one must crawl before they walk. This is why a two tier commission split structure was developed. 

The 70/30 is on the first 5 deals for all newly licensed agents. Step-by-step support throughout each transaction. Think of it as the crawl phase.

The 90/10 split is for new agents with at least 5 transactions buying or selling. It is also for experienced agents (2yrs or more) with a minimal of 2 transitions with us. 

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We are always happy to offer our help. If you have any queries or feedback regarding JOINING US? Feel free to contact us on any of the following phone numbers. You can also leave us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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