Selling Your Home Best Practices – Shelter-in-Place Affect

We want to focus on the serious buyers. We want to make sure that they have all the information in front of them before they even actually set for them to your home.

For the sellers in the market, and those who are looking to put their home on the market the shelter in place for significantly. Simply for the fact that we can go and show any home at any time any more.


The Austin Board of Realtors has put out something basically saying that they want us to focus on homes that are vacant. 


What we’re doing here at Ready Front Real Estate is for all our listings we’re actually putting a 360 camera in place. And we are basically shooting your whole a home. Allowing the buyers to a virtual tour of your home without even setting foot in there yet.  So say if they did see your home online they did the virtual tour they reach out to an agent to see that home, we want to make sure they actually qualify for that home.


This is another layer of screening to make anybody actually see your home is somebody that can actually put an offer on that home.

Selling Your Home Best Practices

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