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The Benefits of Home Ownership

Tax benefits

Take advantage of the numerous tax benefits that come with home ownership.


Homeowners have the freedom to make changes to their property, such as renovations, without having to seek approval from a landlord.

Building equity

Build wealth and equity in your property over time as your home appreciates.

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Get pre-approved for a mortgage in just a few minutes with our simple and streamlined process. With pre-approval, you'll have a clear understanding of what you can afford, and be in a stronger position to negotiate when you find your dream home.

What is VLB Home Loan?

The program’s history stretches back to the 1980s; currently serving military members and eligible Texas veterans can apply to buy a home with lower interest rates (the official site refers to them as “competitive”) and “little to no down payment.”

How to Qualify for VLB Home Loan?

To qualify for a VLB loan, the property must be purchased as a dwelling – a primary residence and not an investment property or occasional occupancy home. The home must be physically located in the state of Texas.

How much does it costs?

Lender may charge all reasonable and customary fees permitted by law for the origination of mortgage loans. In addition to all reasonable and customary fees, the Lender may collect a one percent (1%) Participation Fee.

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